stick pick appI have for the past year or so been using the Stick Pick App that is available for teachers to download via your local App store. I have been using the Stick Pick App on my iPad which after spending a short amount of time learning how it works and setting it up, has been a really useful educational resource. It adds a new electronic dimension to questioning in the classroom and gives you a way of involving the learner in a different style.

What I liked about the Stick Pick App was the ability to import class lists from DropBox which meant that it wasn't too taxing entering my students into class lists. Using the App was easy and simple, recording the questions that they got correct and giving a nice simple point system. Another useful feature is the inclusion of build in question starters, which are levelled. There is use of Bloom's which is a real useful tool to have at your finger tips as it really enables you to ask those targeted differentiated questions to your students.

Overall I feel this is a worthwhile app for teachers to have and use in the classroom. If you want to learn more then please visit the Stick Pick App website.

If your a developer of an educational resource and would like me to review your resource and give some honest feedback, please get in touch with me.


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