• BTEC Nationals Business
  • Unit 9: Creative Product Promotion
  • Assessment criteria covered in this activity; P1, P2, M1, D1


You have been hired as a researcher for’ Buzzin to investigate promotional campaigns used by two organisations. They need you to investigate and put your findings into an article.

Contents of your Report

Your article should include the following;

  • Description of the promotional mix used by 2 organisations. Fully explain what promotional methods they use from these examples (advertisements, personal selling, sales promotions, Public Relations, direct marketing and sponsorship) and why they are appropriate to their business(meet target audience/sent out the right message/suited their budget).
  • What role does promotion have as part of the marketing mix (products/price/place/people/processes/physical evidence) for one of your organisations? Explain each one and say how promotion needs to link to it.
  • Explain how promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix to help one of your organisations achieve its aims and objectives?
  • Look at the marketing objectives for one your organisations and review a promotional campaign that one of your organisations has used. Evaluate how effective this promotional campaign has been? Has this been successful? Justify this by looking back at the potential success against targets and cost of the campaign.


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