Business AS and A Level 2015

As there is a lot of change taking place with the offerings that centres are taking when it comes to the choice of course and exam board for AS Level and A Level Business from 2015 onwards. This is also the case with the changes that will be happening with the vocational qualifications at Level 3.

As a result of this it appeared to be more logical to move to a topic based collection of resources that can be linked to a whole range of different business courses. This means that you can dip in and out of the different topics meaning that you get more focused revision material based on topics you may have areas of weakness in.

Please accept this is a working document and will be updated as and when time allows. These resources are not meant to be an exact match for the specification, more knowledge of the business concepts covered. You should consult your AQA, Peason, OCR or WJEC business specification and map these to the topics you have covered below.


Business Ownership Business Ownership Video  
Business Stakeholders Stakeholders in Business Presentation  
Market Research

Market Research Presentation

Secondary Market Research

Secondary Market Research Business Trends

Secondary Market Research Competition Analysis

Market Analysis Moving Averages Video

Moving Averages

Calculating Moving Averages

Marketing Planning Video

Elasticity of Demand Elasticity of Demand Video  
Break Even Analysis

How to Rearrange Break Even Formula

Break Even Analysis Video

Gross and Net Profit Types of Profit Video  
Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position

Income Statements Video

Statement of Financial Position Video

Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position Video 2

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasting Video

Cash Flow Explained Video 2

Improving Cash Flow Video

Business Revenue and Costs

Business Revenue and Profit Video

Business Costs Video

Critical Path Analysis Critical Path Analysis Video  

Budgeting Video

Budgeting Video 2

Functional Areas of Business Functional Areas of Business Video  
Organisational Structures Organisational Structures Video  
Economies of Scale Economies of Scale Video  
Ratio Analysis Ratio Analysis Video  
Investment Appraisal

Investment Appraisal Payback Video

Investment Appraisal NPV Video

Investment Appraisal ARR Video

Ansoffs Matrix Ansoffs Matrix Video  
Porters 5 Forces Porters 5 Forces Video  
Motivational Theories Motivational Theories Video  
Economies of Scale Economies of Scale Video  


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