easter egg pricingShoppers desperate to snap up a bargain have cleared supermarket shelves of Easter eggs after price wars between the leading chains resulted in some eggs being better value for money than a chocolate bar.

With just three days to go until Easter, the giant price war has resulted in many supermarkets having already sold out of several products.

Asda has been forced to stop selling Easter eggs on its website altogether due to high demand and Tesco has sold out of several chocolate eggs after shoppers took advantage of slashed prices.

Among the eggs running low are products made by Cadbury – the country's biggest chocolate maker – and Nestle, as well as some Lindt and Mars eggs.

A large proportion of the eggs on sale in Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's this year have been discounted or on a promotion.


The offers have resulted in many Easter eggs being much better value for money on a pound-to-weight basis than a simple chocolate bar in many stores.

In Asda, shoppers can buy a Dairy Milk buttons egg (162g) for £1 or a pouch of the same chocolate buttons (72g), which provide less than half the amount of chocolate, for the same price.

Tesco recently ran a promotion where shoppers could purchase two £1.50 Easter eggs and get two free, as well as two free Crème Eggs – but that offer appears to have been pulled after demand soared.

Bargain hunters can snap up a Cadbury’s Mini Eggs egg in Tesco – which comes filled with additional Mini Eggs – for £2 for 141g of chocolate - but on a two for one offer making the whole bundle just £1 for 282g of chocolate.

In comparison a tube of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (120g) is listed on Tesco’s website for £1.50.

In Asda, shoppers could buy a Cadbury’s Caramel Egg (178g) for £1 or a bar of the same chocolate (120g) for £1.42.

Aldi and Lidl, the German-owned discount stores which usually specialise in stocking their own-brands, have also increased competition between the supermarket giants by selling branded eggs.

For example, at Aldi, a 149g Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons egg is being sold for just 99p.

Meanwhile, Tesco said it had been running discounts for the eight weeks prior to Easter this year, compared with five weeks last year.

Last year the supermarket industry was forced to apologise to customers after many were left searching for chocolate eggs on the Saturday before Easter.

Tesco said there would be ‘plenty’ of eggs this year, despite the fact several have already sold out on its website.

A spokesman said: 'You won't go in on Good Friday and find only one egg on the shelves. There will be plenty of eggs.

'It's possible we have run out of some of the ranges, in some of the sizes. Quite obviously we are close to Easter and that tends to happen.'

Asda has already stopped selling any Easter eggs on its website, saying it was prioritising customers who had already placed orders.

A spokesman said: 'To ensure no family goes without their eggs, we have put a hold on the ordering of some products online so we can focus on fulfilling our current orders before the weekend.'

Bryan Roberts, analyst at Kantar Retrail, said it was ‘a bit self-defeating’ that Easter eggs have been so heavily-discounted in some supermarkets.

He told The Telegraph:  ‘Basic economics would suggest that when demand is at its highest you could chose to price your products as you wish.

'But supermarkets use Easter eggs discounts as something they can talk about in TV adverts, and as a way of driving traffic. It's because retailers and suppliers are over-obsessed with market share.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2605718/Now-heres-proper-Easter-egg-hunt-Shoppers-face-nation-wide-shortage-chocolate-eggs-heavy-discounts-lead-brands-selling-out.html#ixzz2z4OsNam0



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