brand challenge water1It was the ultimate branding challenge.  Take one commodity brand and pitch it against the basic alternative. Does the power of branding really make that much difference when it comes to your choice of water.

This year BeeBusinessBee set about the ultimate challenge. Can people really taste the difference between a leading brand of bottled water and pure tap water?  The feeling in the hive was that this would prove difficult and maybe highlight that it is the packaging of the product and some of the perceived benefits of the bottled water that convinces people to choose bottle water, over tap water.

However after what proved to be quite an extensive survey it appeared that a majority of people could taste the difference and identify the branded water from the challenge. It appeared that the inclusion of additives to tap water from the water companies could actually be tasted, maybe proving that some of the perceived benefits of bottled water such as “being pure” could actually be tasted by the customer.

So maybe it isn’t all about the branding and packaging that is used when it comes to bottled water? Maybe there are actually benefits that the customer can actually taste? However this year it is fairly clear that the customer can taste and does prefer the branded bottled water, to that from a tap.

brand challenge water



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